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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Paddy Fields

Enjoy yourself and above all relax

by Marianne from Eindhoven, Netherlands

Enjoy yourself and above all relax

If you've recently been stressed by the relentless pace of life in the developed world, just look at the photos of the rice paddies. Even better go the Indonesia and and see them for yourselves.
If this is your first time visit to a third world country you may be a bit apprehensive. The Balinese look different from your friends, they react differently, but like you they have a family, have friends.
The pace of life in Bali is much slower than in most western countries and people take time to sit around and chat and just enjoy each other. I began to wonder why places like this are seen as backward or under-developed. They are simply different!

Ubud = Relaxation and no stress

If you head to Ubud directly from Kuta or Sanur you will probably at once notice the calmness and relaxed attitude af this golden spot. This place has no beaches, and does not attract the same kind of people as fx. Kuta beach does- where it can be hard to relax for one moment;-).

A lot of people come up to Ubud to explore the culture, the good shopping opportunities for textile, woodwork, jewelleries and art, and the Rice fields etc., But the majority of the people you see in daytime - dissapear in the evening. Most of them probably goes back to their beaches and resorts in Sanur and Kuta.

The place is a bit cooler than further south, and the temperature in the evening is comfortable - and perfect for a pair of light long pants - to avoid moscitto bites.

The town has a lot of god restaurants and caffes. In most restaurants they play the traditional Balinees music - Gamelan, which you come to like, if you don't do so at once. The sound of the Gamelan-Music has been described as "Moonlight twinkeling in in the sea" - and you can almost always hear a frog croaking or a Gekko clucking somewhere - IT IS SO NIIICE!!

You won't leave Ubud disappointed unless you're only into beach-life.